Snowmass 2021 LOIs

Exploring the Snowmass 2021 LOI's graphically

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Snowmass Letters of Interest

This site contains 1574 LOI’s that have been submitted to the Snowmass 2021 process. At the University of Washington we are hard at work getting ready for the summer meeting (COVID allowing…) - and I wanted to take a look at all the incoming LOI’s. The large number was unexpected - I did not think that many would show up!

The official repository can be found from the main website. The snapshot in this data was taking just as the LOI process closed. All analysis can be found in this github repository. Feel free to submit pull requests!

LOI’s by frontier

The number of LOI’s per frontier (as declared by the submitter):

The number of LOI's submitted in each Frontier

Detailed Information


Feel free to leave an issue if you have a question or a suggestion. Or contact me directly at the University of Washington. Many thanks to others who have contributed and sent me suggestions. This project is far outside my wheelhouse, so it has been a lot of cut/paste and questions. Special things to the IRIS-HEP community (web) for code snippets and suggestions!